Snowshoeing tours in Levi

A snowshoeing tour is basically hiking in winter. Snowshoes enable you to walk on snowy trails and even on deep snow.

Lapland, located in the northernmost part of Finland, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a unique winter escapade. With its vast snowy wilderness, towering pine forests, and sparkling frozen lakes, this magical destination is tailor-made for exploring on snowshoes.

Snowshoeing allows you to walk on deep snow without sinking too deeply, giving you the freedom to choose your own paths through the winter landscape. As you traverse through the serene winter landscapes, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the silence of nature. See our Instagram for high quality photos taken at the tours.

Snowshoeing is about enjoying the beauty of snowy Lapland in your own way. Some people do snow angels, some are sporty and challenge themselves in the deep snow, and some just appreciate a nice hike with the beautiful views and silence.

We provide two different snowshoeing tours: a 2-hour adventure in Levi or an immersive journey with lunch in Pallas-Ylläs National Park. For a complete experience, we recommend the Pallas tour. For more info, click the product cards below!

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For whom we recommend our snowshoeing tours

People on snowshoeing tours in Levi

Our snowshoeing tours in Lapland are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for individuals with an average physical condition. It’s akin to hiking in snow, requiring no prior technical expertise.

Snowshoeing is a low-impact activity that doesn’t require specialized skills or extensive physical training. As long as you have a basic level of fitness and are capable of walking on uneven terrain, you can fully immerse yourself in the thrill of snowshoeing in Lapland. Please note that snowshoeing does involve some physical exertion especially in uphills.

Whether you are a beginner or have prior snowshoeing experience, our tours are tailored to accommodate various fitness levels. During our tours, we choose routes that match the abilities and preferences of our participants. The pace is set to allow for comfortable progression, ensuring that you have time to appreciate the stunning scenery and take photographs. There are plenty of opportunities to rest, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience without feeling overwhelmed.

People on snowshoeing tours in Levi

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