Northern Lights tours in Levi

Are you interested in witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights in Levi, but uncertain about the ideal location and timing? Let us handle that problem for you

Experiencing the Northern lights in Levi, Lapland

Many visitors leave Levi without experiencing Aurora Borealis simply because they don’t seek the assistance of professionals. First you have to find a good place for watching auroras. This could be a difficult task, especially when the cloudy sky makes seeing the Northern Lights impossible.

Secondly, on cold nights it can be difficult to wait long enough for the auroras without feeling too cold. 

Renting a car and exploring the surroundings may seem tempting, but navigating icy and snowy roads in darkness, without familiarity with the area, will pose additional challenges for you.

Aurora sightings are more likely during an Aurora tour by van compared to a snowmobile safari. The driving range is greater and more flexible by van.

Our tour is basically a taxi service with photos. Anyhow, it is an effective concept. 

Note: Chasing Auroras might not be fun – Seeing Auroras is fun.

Northern lights tours by van in Levi

Northern lights tour by van in Levi, Lapland

We make everything easy for you: When making your online booking, provide us with alternative dates, and we select the best night for your Aurora hunting tour. We know the right spots for seeking the Northern lights. If it is cloudy around Levi, we will drive you somewhere further to chase clear skies. It might be cold, around -25 celsius but you can always go back into the car to warm up. 

Photography service included

We provide the photos everybody wants – Our guide has a good quality camera setup to capture Aurora photos for you. After the tour, we will send you the digital files. This is included in the price. See high quality photos on our Instagram and Tripadvisor page.

Northern lights tour by van in Levi, Lapland

We arrange tours only when there is a decent chance to see Auroras

Beautiful aurora in Levi, Lapland

We organize Aurora hunting tours only when the weather forecast is good for seeing the northern lights. If it is cloudy all over Lapland and the chance of success is too small, we postpone or cancel. Usually it means we arrange only 1 or 2 tours per week.

Seats are limited, we highly recommend booking early. However, it is worth to ask for last minute seats: If the weather is good, we have extra tours available. Our group size is max 7 passengers in a van.

The odds are in your favor with us

While we cannot guarantee sightings of the Northern Lights, we make every effort to maximize your chances. Our success rate for witnessing the Aurora Borealis stands at approximately 80%. We have operated Aurora chase tours since 2019.

People in Levi. Northern lights can be seen in the background.
People in Levi. Northern lights can be seen in the background.

How to book an Aurora tour by car?

  • Book the tour in our online shop below for a specific date during your stay in Levi. Just click the product card below, it is fast and easy.
  • During the online booking process, we will inquire about alternative nights in case of too cloudy weather on your chosen date. Please provide us with at least 2 or 3 additional nights that work for you. The more the better.
  • We will contact you one day prior to your arrival in Levi and inform you of the ideal weather conditions for the Aurora chase.
  • In the event of bad weather, we will reschedule the tour accordingly. If the weather conditions are too bad every night, we can cancel the tour with a 100% refund.

Alternatively you can reach out to us via iMessage or WhatsApp, and we can collaboratively plan the tour date. The business owner, Jukka will answer you. Phone Number: +358 45 651 8054

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Information about Northern lights in Levi, Lapland

Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights, is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the night sky, particularly in the polar regions such as Finnish Lapland. Levi is one the best destinations in the world to see the Northern lights.

The Northern Lights are considered one of nature’s most extraordinary spectacles. People from around the world travel to Finnish Lapland to witness this phenomenon. It can be a magical and surreal experience that leaves observers with lifelong memories.

Lapland is a region uniquely situated in the Aurora Oval, a prime location for spotting the Northern Lights. Its pristine landscapes, untouched by urbanization, offer optimal conditions for observing auroras. Away from light pollution, the dark and clear winter nights provide perfect conditions for the Aurora Borealis to showcase its beauty.

The season to see the Northern Lights in Levi is from September to early April. During this period, the nights are long and dark, providing optimal conditions for viewing the Aurora. February, and March are particularly favorable for witnessing the Northern Lights. These months tend to have clearer skies and less cloud cover, increasing the chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis.

People often ask how often we see auroras in Levi. The answer is not simple. During the last season, on our Northern lights tours we saw them about 50 times in total in about five months. In theory, auroras happen around 100-130 times per year in Levi. The clouds make the real number lower. Some weeks we see them almost nightly and other weeks only once. When a prolonged low-pressure weather system brings thick clouds to Lapland, it can result in an entire week without any Northern lights sightings.

The Aurora experience can vary greatly each night. Some nights, we might only see faint lights low in the sky near the northern horizon. But on other nights, we get a fantastic show with the sky filled with bright green colors and hints of pink. Strong auroras can really light up the scene, even the snow glows in green light sometimes.

The duration of the light show also changes. Sometimes we have to wait patiently, and the Northern lights only appear for about ten minutes. Other nights, they can be active for hours. There is often a cycle where the lights come and go, being visible for 15-20 minutes, then fading away for around thirty minutes to one hour. The strongest and most impressive moment lasts only for a few minutes. Any rules about this are impossible to make, as the auroras are always unpredictable.

Some people say that the polar lights are better when it is extremely cold temperature. Our experience tells us this is not true. Whether it’s -30 degrees Celsius or around zero, the appearance of the auroras remains the same. What is true, is that on really cold nights the sky tends to be clear and we do see the auroras. On relatively warm nights, when it is around -5 celsius, the sky is more often cloudy.

For an optimal experience, consider visiting Levi during a new moon phase when the nights are darker. In other words: when the moon is small. The absence of a full moon ensures minimal light interference, allowing the Northern lights to shine brighter and with greater intensity.

There are nightly Aurora activity forecasts, but they are not reliable. Auroras can appear any night. Years of experience has shown us that a low activity forecast does not matter that much, it is often worth going out, especially if it is your only chance to join a Northern lights tour in Levi.

The real aurora activity level is a matter of luck, but we try to arrange your aurora tour on a high activity forecast night if possible. When the forecasts are right and solar winds are strong, it is a night to remember. 

Geomagnetic storms occur when exceptionally strong solar winds reach our atmosphere. During the last aurora season (2022-2023), such storms occurred approximately once per month.

In the upcoming season, we can expect geomagnetic storms to happen more frequently. This increase is attributed to the solar activity cycle, which is approaching its peak in the next few years. The solar activity cycle is an approximately 11-year cycle during which the Sun’s magnetic field reverses and peaks in activity.

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